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Samer’s productions and DJ sets have earned him respect in the scene amongst dance music lovers, high profile DJs, and the most sought after producers in the world. It all started for Samer in 1996 at Club Simon’s, located in Gainesville, Florida. There, he became exposed to the best dance music acts in the world at the age of 17. This discovery of electronic music made him realize that it was his destiny to be involved in the dance scene. Late night house parties and a passion for the music gave him the drive to learn to DJ and begin collecting records. After hard work and tons of practice, things started to come together for Samer. He left Gainesville for Tampa to finish his education, but took his love for the music and his records with him. His growing collection of House, Progressive, and Trance began to form a style that became known in the local club scene in Ybor City, the center of Tampa’s nightlife. There, his deep yet high-energy straight beat style began to catch the ears of club goers and he slowly started making a name for himself. Samer remembers: “It was tough making a name for myself where Florida Break-beat was the choice of music at the time. I thank all the DJs that gave me a chance. They had total control and influence of what people on the dance-floor were listening to, and allowed me to try and have some small sort of influence over it.” Samer later met his former producing partner, Bill Vines a.k.a “The Maji”, at Chakra Records, a small records shop in Ybor City, where they both ended up working. Bill took Samer under his wing and taught him the basics of producing and more advanced mixing concepts. After spinning records together at various venues in Tampa and producing their first track, they became known as the “Evrydaydowners.” Pangea Recordings was then born. From there, Evrydaydowners made their first impression on the international dance scene with their first EP, “A New Beginning”. “Quality wise, this was a first production, but I remember receiving a compliment from Brother Brown at the WMC. Being that he was one of my heroes, that’s when I knew we were heading in the right direction,” Samer says. After a couple of years in Tampa, Samer became impressed with the scene and way of life in California after a brief visit. In January of 2002, he decided to pack his bags and moved to San Diego to pursue careers in both music and law. The scene in San Diego was tough to penetrate for someone new, but he slowly became known from his productions along with his DJing. Samer managed to grab opening slots for well-known international DJs such as Pete Tong, Chris Fortier, DJ Dara, and Spesh. Evrydaydowners was also making a name production wise. Samer recalls at Winter Music Conference in 2003, at around 11:00 am at Club Space, hearing Sasha play “This World,” Evrydaydowners’ latest production, and Pangea Recordings’ first record to be distributed worldwide. Another treat was hearing Sasha play Chris Lake’s remix of Joshua Collins “Project 3” during the Ultra Music Festival during the same WMC, which was signed to be Pangea Recordings second release. This was another sign for Samer that his work was finally going somewhere and he was destined not just to be part of the scene, but to help mold it as well. All the hard work paid off when Evrydaydowners “This World” earned the #1 spot on the esteemed Hooj Choons UK Dance Chart after constantly being played at the Winter Music Conference in 2003, an enormous feet. With the success of Pangea Recordings, Samer decided to expand Pangea by creating sister labels Pangea UK, 1Shot Recordings, and digital spawns for them as well. “The San Diego scene was pretty chill compared to LA and San Francisco, which allowed me to get a lot of work done and allowed me to release more records.” Samer says. “Also, I got so many great demos it was tough to stay focused on just progressive music. I needed another outlet to release other types of tunes, and that’s why we formed the sister labels.” Recently, however, Samer and The Maji have split for personal reasons. This has not stopped him though, as he is still producing tracks for his label, as well as for other worldwide labels and artists. Samer’s productions and achievements led him to one of the highlights of his career: DJing at the Love Parade 2005 held in San Francisco, California. This was one of only two Love Parades held in San Francisco rather than in Berlin, Germany. Samer also played his first international gig in February of 2006 at the legendary RiffRaff party in Middlesbrough, UK. Samer’s unique and wellprogrammed Dj sets have also made him a staple at America’s largest dance music festivals. He played at the Ultra Music Festival in 2007, 2008, and 2009 during the Winter Music Conference with such acts as The Cure, Sasha and John Digweed, Rabbit in the Moon, Deadmau5, and others. Samer was also a regular at the legendary Lovefest parties held in San Francisco over the last few years. The Lovefest (now known as LovEvolution and formerly the San Francisco Love Parade) boasted crowds of over 100,000 party-goers and some of the worlds finest talent. Currently, Samer has concentrated more on his original productions and writing music under his own name. He has signed solo outings and remixes on very well respected labels such as Spundae Music, Baroque Records UK, Stripped Muzik, BC2, Reelaux, Evoked Recordings, Polytechnic Recordings, Stellar Fountain Recordings, Smart Phenomena, Rezongar Music, Indigo, frisky, Jetlag Digital, and more. It is safe to say that Samer is still one of America’s most upcoming DJs and producers and that he has a bright future ahead of him with his label, his mixes, and his productions. What Releasepromo has to say about DJ Samer “DJ Samer has long been an influential figure in the United States progressive house scene. He has been DJing for more than a decade and his Pangea label has been putting out solid progressive music since 2001. Samer was never fazed by certain genres coming in and out of fashion, he has stuck with progressive sounds throughout and we salute him for that! As a producer Samer is best known for his work with Bill Vines as Evrydaydowners, the majority of their work has appeared on Pangea but also Source Of Gravity and Frik N Frak. The duo has even been remixed by heavyweight producers Chris Lake and Andy Moor.”







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