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Manual Music was started by Dutch DJ/producer Paul Hazendonk, initially as a sublabel of the infamous Basic Beat company just after the summer of 2005 . The label quickly gained international fame with it’s first release ‘Robotfood’ by Petter and has built a solid reputation ever since.

In 2009, Paul Hazendonk left the Basic Beat company after more then 8,5 years and adapted the Manual brand name for his own company, simply calling it Manual Music. Nowdays Manual Music is a company taking care of management, publishing, digital distribution and ofcourse releasing music on several (sub)labels in various genres within the electronic music scene. Every now and then Manual also hosts an area or a party at various locations, but Manual Music is not a regular party organisation.

The Manual Music company currently houses three labels: Manual Music (electronica / melodic house and techno), Stolen Moments (techno) and Cinematique (melodic techno / leftfield / electronica). We also release digital compilations featuring a selection of our inhouse- and distribution labels on a label called Fever. On top of that the Manual Music company also owns and controls the catalogue for the following labels: Adult Records, Fly Life Records, Groove Worxx, Lo-FiSoul, Melomane, Relatives, Technique and Work Hard Play Hard.

Manual Distribution delivers releases to all the main digital download stores. We do not deliver music to 30 or 50 useless stores, our philosophy is to send your releases to the important and selling stores only, stores who are either important to be on for the statue of your label, and/or stores that are willing to put some effort in promoting your music and releases.




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