The Zoo Dj’s : Montly Podcast

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The Zoo is a collective of DJs that come together every other month to put on shows around the North of England. The collective includes DJs that have been in the industry for 20 years complemented with new exciting up and coming DJs showcasing their talents.

The Zoo DJs have included Wills, Themoseman, Romes, Brero, Ange Curzan, Seb Fontaine, Zed White, John Kelly, Just Rob, Nurtz, Steve Pyatt, Wonka, Paul Bleasdale, Marzo, DJ S:2, and Tony French.

Together the Zoo DJs have played out nationally and internationally spreading the love of dance music through the genres of progressive, melodic, deep and soulful house.

Each week a resident Zoo DJ will showcase their skills in their specific genre starting with the extremely talented Romes.


Romes has been with the Zoo DJs for over 3 years and is obsessed with dance music and his attention to detail is second to none. Hours of preparation goes into everyone of his mixes, this combined with his original and unique style of effect manipulation will mesmerize you.

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