Praveen R : Prophecy

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You can listen Days “Prophecy” By Praveen R on :

4th Tuesday of each month 11 Pm (Argentina Time)








“With an undying love and passion for Underground Music from his teenage, Praveen moved himself in the path to convey his deeply felt emotions the way he thought the most appropriate, which happens to be Musical Entertainment.

Interested in music in his early ages as a music addict. As soon as he realized that playing music was more enjoyable than only listening to it, he started to improve his skills about it.

Sharing his talents from his hometown Colombo, Sri Lanka, Praveen has set a foundation to reach his goal a couple years back, from which he was noticed by the pioneers of the musical industry.

Out of the many musical genres he has given his priority to Progressive Music which takes the listeners on a good musical journey, appreciated by many locals and foreigners worldwide. It extends from slow deep melodies to high-textured groovy music, which he plays in his own unique style.?”

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