Forest Weed : Energy Waves

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Forest Weed is Rafael Nebel, born 1990 and living in Brazil,

him symbol is originality and audacity , with extremely sensitive and dynamic music exploring the underground sounds and arrangements.

Rafael Nebel a.K.a Forest Weed can’t be classified in a genre, because his sensibility of interpratations are always following the inspirations and these are constantly unique. So, as dj Forest Weed comes to transmit, the different sensations and powerfull “Energy Waves” sounds always with progressive or psychedelic touches and personality on the tracks creating a special journey of sounds and an atmosphere of musicality.

Have releasing tracks in labels such as: Atec, Absurd State, Bullfinch, Cloudy Moon Recordings, DNA Digital Recordings, Deepersense Music, Estribo Recordings, Mystic Carousel, Sonika Music, UII, Zephyr Music and many more.

Already receiving support of all kind level of producers and musicians around the world, Forest Weed is a balance between the power of unexpected with the essence of heart beat, is the wild drop and futuristic sofistied feelings.





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