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Cosmosolar is the pseudonym of the electronic music producer Alejandro Gamba. Originally from El Bolsón (Río Negro – Patagonia Argentina), he started his career as a DJ in his andean home village almost two decades ago. Surrounded by mountains and parties in the forest, he was nourished by nature and the mystique of his surroundings, sounds that can be easily related to trance and psychedelia.


In 2005 he moved to La Plata, a university town of Argentina, where young and urban artistic expressions thrive. Alejandro was inserted into a completely different scene, acquiring new perspectives, which triggered in him the need for a personal artistic expression. By 2008 he was entirely dedicated to producing his own sounds.


His first stage as a producer was based on sound experimentation without pre-established concepts. This flexibility to create and manipulate sounds opened the spectrum of his productions and his performances as well. In addition to his DJ Sets, he began to carry out Live Acts with synchronized visuals in real time, in association with the multimedia artist Gativideo. This project led him to a grand show tour in the neighbor country of Chile.


In 2016, he decided to discontinue his Live Acts project dedicating himself entirely on perfecting his sound within his studio. Achieving at the present a very personal sound in each of his tracks and presentations, where the rhythm and strength of Techno amalgamate with melodic and harmonic progressions that take us on a journey through the cosmos and psychedelia, generating a unique atmosphere of dance and trance.




Since its first launch in 2013 to date, Cosmosolar has published more than 50 tracks in different countries of Europe and America.
His tracks have been released in prestigious labels such as Bullfinch Records, Tulipa Recordings, Aftertech Records, Awen Records, among others.
His music receives increasing acceptance in the Progressive and Melodic Techno scene around the world.




During his career, Alejandro Gamba shared stage with great local artists such as: Diego Cid, Diego Rocka, Spitfire, Roberto Ceratti, Tomy Wahl, Djs Pareja, Udolph, Carla Tintore, Sol Ortega, Paul Deep, Rodrigo Valdovinos, GrooveANDyes and many more.


He performed in renowned locations and events in Argentina such as “Technoir” at Bahrein Club, “Submerged” at Requiem, “Let it VJ” at Matienzo Cultural Center, “Emerging City 2013” at the Recoleta Cultural Center.


In 2015, Cosmosolar toured, for the first time, throughout Chile, playing at mythical venues such as Tz Mimi in the Upbeat cycle with Alisú, and Casa de Salud along with Alfonso León.

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