Nick Lewis : Cloud Surfing

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You can listen “Cloud Surfing” By Nick Lewis on :

1rd Friday of each month 9 Pm (Argentina Time)





Nick Lewis’s passion for EDM and all its many genres spans a 17 year love affair with dance music as both clubber, DJ, Producer & Remixer.

He has played as far afield as Siberia and had remix projects featured in Beatport’s ‘Secret Weapons’ chart. His influences come from many heady nights racing up and down Wales, the West Country, and in and around London, attending parties in fields, clubs & warehouses.

Working on a ‘if I like it, I play it’ basis, Nick’s DJ sets have historically been crafted on anything from VCR, tape to tape, vinyl and CD. Nick’s main styles lean toward the realms of Progressive/Tech House & ‘classy’ Trance, as well as Ambient & Downtempo music. All styles are catered for on his duo of shows on Frisky Radio, ‘Universal’ and ‘Liquid Cool’.

Nick has a huge love for the early days of electronic music, and you can almost always find a rare gem in the mix where possible.

He hopes that you enjoy the musical journeys that he prepares for you.

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