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3rd Thursday of each month 8 Pm (Argentina Time)






I’m a quality music lover, fanatic and bedroom dj from Hungary. I’m interested in a various range of music, but my favourite is groovy, emotional house music, mixed with floating deep and trancy beats. I’ve started my own bi-weekly podcast in 2009 which has called ‘Float Away’. In one hour airtime I select my 10 favourite track of the moment. As a producer my first EP ‘I don’t know’ (which is a collab with my hungarian friend Flashtech) was released in June 2011 on Green Martian. The follow up production came in the beginning of 2013 with the help of my all-time favourite artist, John Johnson, the track is called Ocean Shore. In the middle of september 2011 me and my two friends — Miraculum & Erich Von Kollar — launched a brand new progressive label called Stellar Fountain. The Stellar family has grown with a deep sublabel at january 2013.




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