Fractal Architect : Depth Perception

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Fractal Architect is the artist name for the Dj, producer and promoter Dan Watts.
As a teen of the eighties, Dan witnessed the establishment of techno and house music as it filtered over the water from Chicago and Detroit, before finally exploding into popular culture in England through warehouse parties in and around London. A dedicated techno lover to the end, Dan was one of the many Dj’s at this time who were responsible for introducing the likes of Richie Hawtin, Underground Resistance and Joey Beltram to the U.K. Dan has Dj’d with many of the world’s best including Carl Cox and Nick Warren.
For Dan it’s always been about the music, and this was very much the ideology that led him to form the legendary free rave collective ‘The Assembly’ in 1991. Dan and the crew were responsible for numerous gatherings, frequently attracting over 5000 party heads from all over the country to one of many beaches, commons or woodland clearings every Friday and Saturday night during the summer months.
Dan’s next move established him as one of the leading techno DJ’s in the South West of England. He was the founder member of the infamous ‘Sketch Crew’ who were responsible for organising one of the largest weekly house and techno club nights anywhere in the country, regularly attracting over 1500 clubbers to a massive run-down Manor House in the heart of the countryside. Dan’s unique approach to music and his own distinctive classically inspired style, quickly demanded that he hit the studio to write his own sound.
A string of white label vinyl releases through the 90’s have now given way to over 100 digital releases on Cutting edge labels including Manual Music, Cinematique, Baroque, Inlab Recordings, Progrezo Records and Stellar Fountain.
In demand as DJ, producer and remixer, expect to hear great things as Dan takes you on a journey of sonic discovery.

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